April 15, 2018
Civic Center in Bedias, Texas

All Bracewell relatives are encuraged to attend as we gather to share in our common ancestry and family history.
 Family members should join our Facebook page and our event RSVP and see more event details.
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WHEREAS, Herman (Hermine)Rikard Bracewell, wife of Joseph Benjamin Bracewell, deceased, died in Harris County, Texas, on the 10th day of September, 1953, and in her passing the Bracewell Reunion has lost one of its faithful members, and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Bracewell was the mother of Ruth Bracewell White, and John Bunyon Bracewell, as well as the step-mother of the other children of Joseph Benjamin Bracewell. She was a regular attender at the Bracewell Reunion until in recent years when her health has not been good, and her presence will be greatly missed, and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Bracewell was a devoted mother and wife, and had great love and affection for her family and friends, and

WHEREAS, the Bracewell Reunion mourns the passing of this good and unselfish woman; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED by the Bracewell Reunion that it express its sincere sympathy to the family, and forward to them a copy of this resolution.

UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED by a rising vote of the Bracewell Reunion June 6th, 1954.

------Copied from the original, presented at the 1954 reunion
(The name is spelled Hermine on her tombstone)