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FAMILY TREE: (located on

When printed the family tree would contain over 600 pages and have a length over 170 feet.
2,785 people in the tree (over 300 increase in two years)
561 photos unloaded to the tree and 61 stories.
6,260 records documenting the tree (birth, death, marriage, etc)


The archive is a collection of family photos and documents that have been collected and stored with multiple backups to protect them for future generations to enjoy and learn about their family history. These files will be shared through the various websites maintained by the Bracewell Family Reunion. The archive consist of original documents stored in fire safe, digital backups stored in fire safe, digital backups stored on redundant online storage, and live working storage for everyday use.
1, 946 family photos
1,946 Genealogy documents
The files take up 10gb of digital storage


Special thank you to Mildred Schmidt for funding the Bracewell websites for 2015-2016. Funding is normally taken out of the reunion donations.

1. is the oldest family website and once contained all the reunion documents. The site has become outdated and was shut down due to hacking attaches last year. A new site is in the planning stages and will hopefully be up and running soon. The trick is how to scan and share around 8,000 documents.

2. Google Drive. This is in testing phase right now and may be rolled out to the entire family soon. Google drive may just become the home of all the Bracewell documents and allow for easy sharing with the family.

3. was created to share our extended family documents and current genealogy research. That roll may be replaced by Facebook in the coming year.


New DNA test show 42% Irish ancestry for our family. Additional test will confirm, but this falls right in line with family research showing our ancestors migrated to America from Ireland. Ireland would have been the last stop on a long list of migrations through Wales and England. We know a Robert Bracewell son of Richard Bracewell was born in London and went to school at Oxford in 1627. His name still appears on the Joseph Foster's 'Alumni Oxonienses'. Robert is believed to be the father of our American Bracewell branch.

Nancy Ann Eliza (Bracewell) Ward Family


From the Bible of Nancy Ann Eliza Bracewell, wife of James Henry Harrison Ward.

Nancy Ann E. Bracewell, born January 23, 1846  (Last child of Wuilliam & Elizabeth (Stephens) Bracewell).

James H. H. Ward, born November 11, 1841 (Married Nancy Ann, August 13, 1863).


Children  :

William Benjamin Ward, born April 6, 1866.

James Henry Ward, born December 30, 1867   (Died May 2, 1884).

Robert Riley Ward, born March 26, 1870.

Joseph Bracewel Ward, born February 21, 1872.

Martin Hammer Ward, born November 17, 1877.

Mary Elizabeth Ward, born July 27, 1881. *

John Wesley Ward, born November 19, 1879.

Emory Clayton Ward, born April 12, 1881. *

Sarah Verbena Ward, July 14, 1884.

Eliza Lela Ward, born July 31, 1887.

* (These are the dates on the paper in Joe’s files; however, something is obviously not correct with two children born within three months of each other in 1881 -- mp)


Copied from Joe Taylor’s files by Mildred Powell


The originator of this work, Reginald Shanks Bracewell, has worked long and hard in helping gather and compile the following information.  He, as well as the editor, has written all over the United States, stirring the dead embers of the distant past, trying to uncover more evidence concerning the early history of our ancestors in this country.

The beginning point of this history consisted of a “family tree” mounted on a large piece of thick cardboard.  This was burdensome and the “limbs” were spreading out on every side, growing off the cardboard; therefore, a new means of preserving the Bracewell lineage had to be found.

This question was brought up at the annual reunion on June 2, 1946.  A committee of three descendents was appointed by the president to produce a new, revised family history in handy pamphlet form.  This is what you have contained herein.

The best form to use in placing the names therein in the right order and in a manner easy to understand has been a perplexing problem.  Those early ancestors of ours didn’t know how much trouble they were putting us to by having such enormous families!  However, we have tried to follow a definite, logical system throughout the entire publication.

In most cases the record of descent of a given individual is begun at marriage and ended with the marriage of the children.  However, other information may well be and has, in some cases, been added.

An effort has been made to place the descendents listed in this pamphlet according to generation; that is, all of Joseph Marion Bracewell’s children are placed together, all of William Bartow Bracewell’s children are placed together, and so on.  Only one generation, including the parents of that generation, are placed together.

This history, for obvious reasons, is incomplete.  When one takes the “trunk” of a family tree” and tries to trace down each “limb” and the “limb’s limb” it becomes an impractical if not impossible task, certainly for a few people.  The solution to this problem, if there is any dissatisfaction, is for each family to have one of its members write out its own history and submit it for inclusion in the official family history.  For each person connected with the “tree”, four items of information are standard:  name, date of birth, date of marriage, and date of death.




The name of this organization shall be The Bracewell Reunion.




The purpose of this organization shall be to promote closer fellowship among the Bracewell family and kin.




There shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer, and a
reporter, elected from the membership, annually, being nominated by
the recommendations committee.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor.




Anyone may be a member of this organization who is related by blood and/or marriage.




In order to carry out the purpose and objectives of this organization,
committees, hereinafter designated and described, shall be established and maintained.
The members of these committees shall be composed of persons properly
qualified to fill the positions insofar as possible and shall all, except the
recommendations committee, be appointed by the president, unless
otherwise designated, who shall at the time of appointment designate a
chairman of each committee from the members appointed to that committee.
All committee members shall hold office for one year after which time they
are eligible for re-appointment.  However, the recommendations committee
members hold office only by election.




This constitution is in full force and effect when it shall have been ratified by a majority vote of qualified voters.




This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of members
properly qualified to vote and who are present at any annual meeting,
provided said amendment has been submitted in writing to the membership
at an annual meeting preceding at least one year the meeting during
which the vote is to be taken.


Whenever “qualified voters” or voting are mentioned in this
document, this shall be construed to mean members of the organization who are at least 18
years of age.


                                                                            ----Copied from the original