April 15, 2018
Civic Center in Bedias, Texas

All Bracewell relatives are encuraged to attend as we gather to share in our common ancestry and family history.
 Family members should join our Facebook page and our event RSVP and see more event details.
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Mildred Elane Taylor (Daughter of Ruby Lee Bracewell Taylor Phillips) (Granddaughter of Walter White Bracewell and Mary Leona Swanner Bracewell)
Married Gerald Powell (no middle name) on December 21, 1951, at First Baptist Church, Freeport. Gerald was born near Celeste, Hunt County, Texas, on April 8, 1924.

Mildred’s first child:
Deborah Kay Powell Born October 2, 1952 Community Hospital
Freeport, Texas
Married John Charles Sorrell Born May 24, 1950
Date of marriage is: 1 June 1972

Their children:
Heather Elayne Sorrell Born August 30, 1976 Lufkin, Texas
John Ryan Sorrell Born November 5, 1979 Lexington, S. Car.
Tamara Dawn Sorrell Born September 27, 1983 Fayetteville, AR

Mildred’s second child:
Julie Ann Powell Born September 26, 1954 Community Hospital
Freeport, Texas
Married William Dean Caton Born February 15, 1954
Date of marriage is: June 25, 1977 Divorced February 15, 1985

Their children:
Lauren Elizabeth Caton Born October 28, 1982

Married Curt Thomas Harris Born August 9, 1958
Date of marriage is April 23, 1988

Their children:
Ashley Katherine Harris Born May 9, 1989
Courtney Taylor Harris Born April 2, 1991
All three girls were born at Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas

Mildred’s third child:
Scott Gerald Powell Born January 13, 1956 Community Hospital
Freeport, Texas
Married Kathleen Therese Ferrell Born July 9, 1955
Date of marriage is June 3, 1978

Their children:
Jennifer Michele Powell Born December 24, 1979
Katherine Elizabeth Powell Born May 28, 1983
Both girls were born at Parkland Hospital, Dallas